Renovation and construction of two boutique buildings

In “Green Herzliya”, at the corner of Yigal Alon and Hovot HaLevavot streets and in proximity to the old-time neighborhood’s schools, we are renovating and building two boutique buildings.

The project will include two five-bedroom (inclusive of living room) apartments in each floor, with three-direction exposures. The top sixth floor will house a single penthouse with four-direction exposure.

Apartment specifications

  • Modern extra-security apartment door
  • Solid, flexiboard-filled internal doors by Pandor
  • Temperature and noise insulating windows
  • Electric roller blinds
  • High-end kitchen cabinetry
  • Even Keisar granite kitchen counters
  • 80x80cm porcelain granite tiles in a number of optional shades
  • Wall-mounted toilets and in-wall flushing tanks
  • Bathroom cabinets with built-in sinks and mirror
  • Three-phase electrical 3×25
  • Power outlet for heater in bathroom
  • Water faucet in balcony
  • Equipped to install home theater system
  • Equipped for natural gas water heater
  • Mini central air conditioning system

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