Leader in Real-Estate Improvements

Parizat-Hasson specializes in real-estate improvements, project initiation and construction of high-end residential projects, which are environmentally friendly and meticulously executed, based on the needs and the desires of our customers.

In recent years Parizat-Hasson has been involved in a number of improvement projects under National Outline Plan 38 (TAMA 38), through its subsidiary “Ba’it Hasson”.

All improvement activities are done in full cooperation with existing tenants and using the same workmanship and materials that have earned the company its reputation as builder of “Masterpieces Creations”.

Parizat-Hasson’s TAMA 38 projects follow all governmental and municipal rules and regulations, and provide the current asset owners and new customers alike up to seven years warranty, according to the Israeli Apartment Sales law.

Technical Specifications

Ba’it Hasson’s technical specifications for TAMA 38 improvements are available here (PDF, Hebrew only).