The Hasson House at 4 Moledet St.

The serene Moledet Street, in walking distance to the neighborhood country club and schools, Parizat-Hasson is renovating and adding three floors to the Hasson house complex. The project is executed according to the guidelines of National Outline Plan 38 (“TAMA 38”).

The fourth and fifth floors added to the two buildings’ existing three floors will include new 4-bedroom apartments complete with sun decks. The sixth, topmost floor in each building will house a spacious single-level penthouse.

Each apartment in the complex will have its own parking space and storage space.

The Moledet 4 project will feature the meticulous level of construction and design, and the high-end specifications that characterize all of Parizat-Hasson’s projects.

Construction has begun. Estimated move-in: April 2017.

Apartment specifications

  • Modern extra-security apartment front door
  • Solid, flexiboard-filled internal doors by Pandor
  • Temperature and noise insulating windows
  • Electric roller blinds
  • Screens in all windows
  • High-end kitchen cabinetry
  • Even Keisar granite kitchen counters
  • 60×60 cm porcelain granite tiles in a number of optional shades
  • Wall-mounted toilets and in-wall flushing tanks
  • Bathroom cabinets with built-in sinks and mirror
  • Three-phase electrical 3×25
  • Power outlet for heater in bathroom
  • Water faucet in balcony
  • Equipped to install home theater system
  • Equipped for natural gas water heater

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