Renovation and Construction of a Boutique Building by Beit-Hasson

At the western part of Herzliya Hayeruka (“Green Herzliya”), at the highest point in the city and in proximity to the old-time neighborhood’s schools and kindergartens, Parizat-Hasson is building two boutique residential buildings as part of the city revitalization project.

The fourth and fifth floors will include new construction of three-exposure spacious five-bedroom apartments. The sixth (top) floor will house a single four-exposure penthouse with panoramic views of the entire town. Each apartment has its own parking space and storage unit.

This project is built to the highest construction and finishing specifications, as are all of Parizat-Hasson and Beit Hasson’s projects.

Construction has begun!

Estimated move-in: October 2018

  • Modern, secure entrance door
  • Solid, flexiboard-filled internal doors
  • Temperature and noise insulating windows
  • Electric roller blinds
  • Insect screens on all windows
  • High-quality kitchen cabinets
  • Even Keisar granite kitchen counters
  • 2×2 sq.ft. porcelain granite tiles
  • Wall-mounted toilets and in-wall flushing tanks
  • Bathroom cabinets with built-in sinks and mirror
  • High-quality electricity installations
  • 3×25 3-phase power outlets
  • Outlet for bathroom heater
  • Water faucet in balcony
  • Home entertainment system-ready
  • Gas water heater-ready
  • Central mini air conditioning system

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